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Spanish tv shows to learn Spanish

Spanish tv shows to learn Spanish

The 8 best shows to watch to learn Spanish collected in one article. Find here your next entertainment with these 8 Spanish TV series to improve your level.

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Do you want to learn Spanish in a more fun, entertaining, and effective way? Spanish TV series will help you to improve and expand your vocabulary, adapt your hearing to Spanish and be distracted for a while you learn.

Below, you will find several Spanish TV shows in original version that will help you improve your vocabulary, your ear and learn the language without even realizing it. Don't miss any of them!


The first Spanish TV show is Isabel. This series follows the life of Isabel I of Castile, from her childhood to her coronation as Queen of Castile and her marriage to Fernando of Aragon. Through her personal and political struggles, Isabel emerges as a key figure in the unification of Spain and the beginning of the era of the Catholic Monarchs.

A Spanish TV series that was very successful during its broadcast and continues to captivate viewers. Although it is recommended that you watch it if your level of Spanish is high, as they use expressions that are not currently used.

Tiempos de guerra (Morocco: love in times of war)

Another Spanish TV series set in a bygone era is Tiempos de guerra. The story takes place during the Rif War in the 1920s and follows a group of nurses from Spain's high society who travel to Melilla to work in a hospital.

There the nurses attend to wounded soldiers, while living captivating and heartbreaking experiences at the front, as well as the relationships that the nurses develop in a hostile war environment.

A Spanish TV show that will provide you with Spanish vocabulary related to medicine, hospitals, and war, as well as politics and some Spanish colloquial expressions.

Paquita Salas

A comedy with great success in Spain and several seasons that will help you understand the country's humor and expressions used in everyday life. The series follows Paquita Salas, an eccentric Spanish actors' manager, who tries to adapt to changes in the entertainment industry.

The representative's quirky style and old-fashioned methods will make her face professional and personal challenges as she tries to revive her talent agency. If you like comedy, this Spanish TV show is for you.


Ingobernable tells the story of Emilia Urquiza, the first lady of Mexico, who becomes a fugitive after the mysterious death of her husband, President Diego Nava. Emilia must fight for her life and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy while evading the authorities.

Spanish tv shows to learn spanish

45 rpm

If you like music, 45 rpm is your Spanish TV show. Set in the 1960s, the plot tells the story of three characters who work in a newly opened record label in Madrid. Maribel, a young executive; Guillermo Rojas, a producer; and Robert, a singer with aspirations of success will have to fight for their dreams in a very complicated world full of rivalries.

Explore and experience the challenges and aspirations of the Spanish music industry in the 1960s with these three quirky characters. The vocabulary you will learn will be focused on the music and life in Madrid during this period.

La reina del Flow (The Queen of the Flow)

La reina del Flow tells the story of Yeimy Montoya, a reggaeton composer who spends 17 years in prison for a crime she did not commit. After her release, she will seek revenge against those who betrayed her and murdered her family.

The plot is set in the vibrant world of urban music and will help you better understand Colombian Spanish. Learn new expressions with this Spanish TV series as you experience an authentic Colombian thriller.

La casa de papel (Money Heist)

The series that has boosted Spanish and that everyone knows: La casa de papel. The worldwide success of this Spanish TV series made it go around the world and, if you don't know it yet, dive right into its story.

La casa de papel follows a group of robbers, led by El Profesor, who plan and execute a robbery of the National Mint of Spain. You will learn about the development of the heist and the relationships between the characters, as well as El Profesor's strategy to manipulate the police throughout the robbery.

Undoubtedly, a Spanish series that will help you improve your level, will keep you in tension and with which you will be able to develop your ear while learning new words in Spanish.

Spanish tv series: Money Heist

La casa de las Flores (The house of Flowers)

Finally, La casa de las Flores, a black comedy that tells the story of the De la Mora family, owners of a luxury flower shop in Mexico City. After the suicide of the patriarch's mistress, secrets come to light that test the stability and relationships of the entire family.

This Spanish TV show addresses issues of identity, love, and betrayal with a touch of humor and drama to improve your Spanish language skills, learn how the Mexican accent sounds and the colloquial expressions they use.

Have you seen any of them yet? Now is the time to sign up for a Spanish course in Spain or Mexico to get to know the language, watch thousands of Spanish TV series in their original version and discover amazing places in cities you've never seen before. Enforex Spanish language school helps you improve your level and understanding with qualified professionals and students with the same goals as you.

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