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Basic words in Spanish

Basic words in Spanish

Basic words in Spanish that will help you communicate with the locals when traveling to Spain or Latin America. Learn Spanish words for beginners.

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Are you starting to study Spanish and want to know the most used basic words? Or are you thinking of taking a vacation in Spain and want to know the basic words in Spanish that will help you understand the locals? Whatever your intention, in this Enforex post you can learn the most common words and expressions used in everyday life by Spanish speakers.

Dive into one of the most spoken languages in the world and learn Spanish in Spain while you travel and discover all the wonders that the country has to offer. If you can also communicate with the locals in their language, you will learn even more!

Spanish words for beginners

Learn Spanish to get by easily during your trips in any Spanish-speaking country. Although it's never too late to learn a language and become bilingual, if you just want to know the basic words in Spanish, this is the post for you.

Start with the simplest: greetings, goodbyes and say thank you in Spanish. These basic Spanish phrases are the most common and you will hear them all the time:

As you can see, in Spanish exclamation marks are used both at the beginning and at the end of sentences, and the same happens with question marks. Here are some examples:

Spanish words for beginners

You also need to know other basic Spanish words that will help you understand the salesclerks, waiters or museum staff when you travel to Spain and want to ask a question:

Also, when you travel to a country with a different language than your own, the most important thing is to understand each other in the places you are going to visit, such as restaurants, museums, and tourist attractions. And, although in all these places there are usually people who speak different languages, speaking Spanish if you are studying the language is a perfect way to practice and see your level of communication in a new language.

So, here are some basic Spanish words you should know to know what you are ordering, how much the food you are about to order costs or the entrance fee to a museum.

Common Spanish words

Although these are some of the simplest and most necessary words to know when visiting a Spanish-speaking country, you should also know how to ask questions and communicate your doubts in different situations. So here are a couple of articles that may be useful when traveling to a country like Spain:

Although if you want to improve your Spanish quickly, easily, and effectively, a Spanish course in Spain with Enforex is perfect for you. Our teachers are qualified and specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and will help you learn the most basic Spanish words as well as all the vocabulary you need to communicate and speak in the locals. Don't hesitate any longer and start your Spanish learning adventure with us!

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