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Bolivia Cultural Activities

Bolivia Activities

As part of our language program, Enforex Sucre offers 2-3 organized activities to get to know Bolivian culture every week. In addition, our center provides a daily schedule of cultural events in Sucre and its surrounding areas, including theaters, museums, and festivals as well as tickets prices.

The most common activities for students learning Spanish in Bolivia are:

  • Visits to local sights and areas of interest
  • Dance classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Parties & fiestas
  • Spanish languages videos & movies
  • Seminars & discussion groups

Bolivia Weekend Excursions

You can sign up for weekend activities once every 15 days, and we're always willing to plan more. Students may need to pay "out-of-pocket" expenses (bus fare, entrance fees, etc.) summing to no more than 3 dollars per activity.

If Bolivia sounds like a great place to live and study, then our Learn Spanish in Latin America resource has all the details you'll need to get started.

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