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Welcome to Enforex Spanish Schools in Spain & Latin America!

Enforex is the largest and most prestigious language education organization in the world, with more than 24 industry leading Spanish schools in both Spain & Latin America. This makes us the best choice for those who are looking to study Spanish abroad, no matter what your reasons for learning may be.

Since 1989 we have been offering top quality Spanish courses at the highest level, and taught by the best professors, which gives us the experience and the knowhow to provide the best experience possible. Our courses stand out because of their elaborate design and carefully selected contents that, in addition to teaching the Spanish language quickly and to a good degree, also address the cultural background of the country in question to add an extra degree of learning which will help in understanding the usage of the language all the more. We have a strong structure held up by our textbooks and our expertly trained staff, who are able to guide each class or individual pupil forwards in a way that plays to their strengths and allows them to overcome their weaknesses. Our lessons are renowned for suiting all different types of learning styles, and we offer a wide range of courses so that you can always take one that is just right for you and your needs.

The philosophy of our school, one of the most prestigious in the industry, is that our students should be able to acquire the highest level of Spanish possible while also enjoying the time they spend in one of our host cities. Rather than just a dull learning course, we like to make this a real adventure – including great school facilities, activities which you can take part in outside of lessons, and even excursions to take you out to explore the nearby area. We also pick the best possible locations, so that you can enjoy a stay in the most exciting Spanish and Latin American cities and get to see the most exciting landmarks as well as learning about the most interesting facets of local history. A diverse group of teaching professionals are waiting at every destination to ensure that your Spanish course and experience is enriching in every sense of the word, and to help you in any way that you may need them to in order to make sure that you reach your target by the end of your stay. We offer the same level of quality at each destination and also many of the same courses, so that you can even combine your course with some travel in order to see more of the country while you are there. Whatever you want to do in order to make your Spanish course just what you need it to be, you can explore the options that we have on offer.

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