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Are you learning Spanish to broaden your career horizons? If so, then it is likely that you will need to know a large amount of vocabulary referring to work, professions, businesses and even information technology or medicine. In this section, you can find it all gathered together for you to use, and to refer back to whenever you would like to, so that you can make a start on learning the words and phrases that will get you through daily conversations and tasks more easily.

Each one of the sections which you see below—they are divided by sectors—have a large list of descriptive words including the most commonly used expressions of the workplace that you might need. By just taking a glance, we are sure that you will be able to find the word or phrase that you need. It is clear that if you are using Spanish in your job you need to be able to be very confident discussing these sort of matters, as you may fall at the very first hurdle if you are not able to talk about them with your interviewer; plus, even if you are not tested on these elements, you will feel much more confident and exude a more relaxed attitude if you know what they are and do not fear being asked about them. Once you are settled in to your new job as well, you may find that you need to use them on a regular basis: asking someone to pass you a certain kind of stationary or office supply, for example, or talking to someone within the company or your clients and understanding what position it is that they have. If you are a doctor or nurse then it is important to be able to use basic medical terms with ease even if you are not quite yet ready to go for the more complicated words and phrases, and if you are a professional working in another sector than the basic vocabulary is just as important there.

Even if you are not planning to get a job in Spain or interacting with a Spanish company yourself, it is still possible that you will want to learn some key words and phrases in order to make conversation more easy in other spheres of life. For example, if you go to a club or a party and start talking to someone new, one of the first things that they might ask you is, “What do you do?”. With these words and phrases under your belt you will be able to answer them correctly, as well as understanding what they answer to you if you ask them the same question. This means that conversation will be more fluid – and if you are looking for someone who can help you with a particular problem, such as a doctor, a mechanic, or a vet, then it is important to know how to ask where to find them as well, in any situation.

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