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Whether you want to learn vocabulary that is completely new to you or refresh your memory after taking a Spanish course previously, you can browse the pages that we have put together below for an ample review of nature themed Spanish vocabulary which you may wish to learn. The lists that we have put together cover a range of subjects which you may wish to know about, from types of animals and how to name them to trees and plants and even to the ways in which you can talk about the weather, so that everything which has a natural influence can now be something that you talk about with the utmost confidence with native speakers in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.

From the Pyrenees to the Canary Islands, natural landscapes in Spain are hugely varied: green meadows and green forests which lead into desert areas and seemingly dry plains which are actually bursting with life. Such is the richness of our natural landscapes that there is an extensive set of vocabulary to describe them. The diversity becomes even more impressive when you head outside of Spain and to other Spanish speaking climes: in Chile, for example, you can find every extreme from the snow capped mountains to the dry and dusty deserts, and this means that there is an equally vast range of flora and fauna to be explored as well. You will certainly want to know more about all of these things as you explore the country in which you are staying, and you may even wish to start studying them more intently once you see how beautiful the diversity of life in these parts of the world can be.

Because of the fact that there is so much diversity out there to talk about, we have divided this section into three parts for easier navigation so that you can find what you are looking for without any worries: in the first part, you can study the names of different animals including both domestic and wild animals so that you can talk about the species that you have seen or want to see as well as even describing your own pets; in the second part, you can learn the names of different plant and tree species as well as their different parts so that you can chat to tour guides or locals about the amazing wildlife that you see around you; and, in the third part, you will be able to distinguish between the different types of climate that you will find in Spain and beyond, so that you can take part in a pastime that is said to be the favourite of many an English speaker: talking about the weather. Get stuck in by choosing which of the sections you would like to read about first, and remember to come back to this page whenever you need to learn to say something to do with the natural world and all of its elements!

Spanish Vocabulary - Nature

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