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If there is an essential set of vocabulary which you must know in order to communicate well, it has to be vocabulary associated with the home. It will not be in vain for you to learn all of these words and phrases as you will spend a great amount of time using these words with fellow neighbours, colleagues or family members who welcome you into their homes during your stay. If you are taking the option of living with a host family, it is particularly important in order to discuss things with them – and even in a hotel or private residence you might have to ask about something or report something to the reception in order to get it dealt with. Therefore, whether it helps you with a chore of some kind or during a chat with the rest of the house’s inhabitants, these words will help you in your time of need and give you the tools that you need to make yourself understood at these times.

This general set of vocabulary is so extensive that we have divided it into three different parts to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for: areas and items of the house such as the living room and furniture which you might need to describe or ask about, lists of family members, which is essential if you are a guest of a Spanish family, and the different food names just in case you need to ask for a specific type of food or if you want to help with the shopping. Come on and drop by our house! All of these lists are here just for your use, so do not be afraid to bookmark one or all of these pages if you want to go over them again in the future – or even print them out so that you can refer back to them as often as you would like to. This will help you to learn all of the words and phrases that you need a lot more quickly, and could be handy to quickly check up on certain meanings when you are in conversation too.

So, all that remains is for you to take a look at these lists and consider which of them you want to learn first! Is it more important for you to know how to describe things around your place and ask whether you can sit in a certain chair or where the bathroom is? Do you think with your stomach and feel a real craving to find out the names of your favourite fruits and vegetables so that you can order them in a restaurant or find them in the supermarket? Or do you find it more important to find out about other peoples’ families and tell them about your own, to build up social bonds and reveal what is truly important to you in your life? Go ahead and choose whichever of our pages interests you the most!

Spanish Vocabulary - At Home

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