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Your study abroad experience will not just be about going to class every day and then going back to your accommodation to study some more; you will also be able to learn Spanish quicker and practice it better if you talk with your friends who you have met in Spain outside of the classroom, for example, when you are playing football with them or when one of them—there is always one—takes a guitar to the park. You will be able to talk to one another about various different things, as well as learning the rules of the game in another tongue and hearing the lyrics to popular Spanish language songs.

Speaking of sports and musical instruments, would you like to expand your vocabulary with the most commonly used terms on both these topics? We have got two full pages ready for you here in which you have the chance to find out all of the words that you are going to need about the most well known sports in Spain and the instruments which you can find in any orchestra in Spain that plays classical music (as well as a few more modern instruments too). There are a lot of elements of Spanish life which are very popular ways to have fun, and you will be able to learn all about these here when you take a look at the pages that we have put together for you and the translations of all of the words that you might need under those particular topics. If you want to suggest trying out a certain activity with your friends then you will need to know what to call it, or if you want to find a place where you can play your particular sport in the city then you need to know what to ask too – or even if you want to get some tickets to watch that sport played by the professionals in a live atmosphere. No matter what the case is, there can be an endless series of situations in which you really need to use words which are related to fun and entertainment, so keep that in mind when you are learning these words and think about the different contexts which you may need to use them in.

Whether you want to learn new vocabulary about having fun in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries for the first time, or whether you would just like to refresh your memory on the things that you learnt while you were on a Spanish course with us in the past, please feel free to browse the pages below for an ample review of vocabulary having to do with having fun and partaking in leisure activities. You can keep these lists bookmarked or even print them off if you would like to refer back to them time and time again, as they can be a useful resource when it comes to chatting about all kinds of subjects.

Spanish Vocabulary - Leisure & Fun

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