Simple Spanish Verb Tenses
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Technically speaking, a "tense" is a form of any given verb that conveys when an action occurs in relation to when the verb is actually stated. The simplest tenses are past tense (ex: I went), present tense (ex: I go) and future tense (ex: I will go).

Each tense is identified by "conjugating" the verb, which essentially means changing the verb form to tell us who is performing the action, when the action is being performed, and the relationship between the verb and other parts of the sentence. The idea is the same in Spanish as in English, but verb conjugations are one of the trickier bits of Spanish grammar.

Learn more about the simple verb tenses and how to conjugate them by clicking on the pages below:

Simple Verb Tenses Example
Present Tense
Past Tenses
Future Tense
Conditional Tense
I run.
I ran.
I will run.
I would run.
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