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Word of the Month: Melindroso

This is a very curious word: this is not a word that is used a lot today, but if you do use it everyone will understand what you are saying. This is the name given to a person affected by an apparent and excessive delicateness expressed in their words, gestures and actions. If you ever seen a period movie where an actor is dressed in an 18th century wig, has a powdered face and overly decorative outfit and is always shocked by just about everything—then you know what this word means! This would be an excellent example of someone melindroso.

Curiously, we know that a melindre is also a typical sweet from Galicia that is in the form of a small marzipan ring and bathed in sugar.  We've tried to find the origin of the name of this dish to no avail. What can the connection be? The only thing we can assure with regard to this word is that we haven't been melindrosos while doing this newsletter.

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