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Word of the month... Biruji

This is a fun word and one that makes our mouth tickle. When you read it for the first time it doesn't seem to mean anything, but in reality this is a word that is used primarily in Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia. This word refers to a wind that is particularly cold.

The etymology of the word is not clear, although many believe that it comes from the gypsy language (caló) just like some other popular words that we use today like molar, fetén, chaval or parné. Others believe that it is a word taken from the vocabulary of criminals and other sneaks but, if you think about it, why would a thief want a cold wind to blow?

Meaning of the Spanish word Biruji

This is a curious debate surrounding this word, but is it still being used? Yes. It may seem a bit strange but we should remember that these are words that are used "in the street" rather than in documents and other printed material. Also, it should be noted that in other places the word rasca is used instead of biruji.

A very vague and slippery word, it seems it would be more appropriate if it referred to a fog instead of cold.

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