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Word of the month... Fisgón

We all know a "snooper". It is the person who wants to know everything in any given situation or occurrence and does not hesitate in prying, even in an irritating way, until achieving their objective. We believe that, speaking frankly, a snooperis not as sympathetic as a curious person but isn't as annoying as a busybody.

It also leads to the particular circumstance in which, when someone exclaims to another person "Don't be nosy", it is a sign that investigative ambition can bring disastrous consequences.

The word has a curious Latin origin: it comes from the verb "figere", which means "to hammer" or "to drive". It appears that the nature of a snooper is someone who seems to be driving their nails in and digging up the ground in order to bring a secret to the surface?

Another commonly-accepted interpretation of the word is that someone who is referred to as a snooper is someone who makes fun of something. Where might this meaning come from? Maybe because making fun has to involve snooping and knowing how a joke might affect the person who we want to laugh at. But of course, this is all theory. We encourage you to also develop your own thoughts on the subject.

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