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Word of the month... Algarabía (Jubilation)

In many Christmas festivities, especially New Year, you might hear this word. We say "might" because for many people it's a word that sounds tacky, even though it actually isn't.

"Algarabía" is a synonym for excessive joy, painting the town red, and is something everyone has accepted... until they take a look in the Royal Academy Dictionary of Language and see things like "unintelligible language or structure", "confused shouting of several people speaking at the same time", "hasty way of speaking and bad pronunciation of words".


So, what's happened? Let's think about those parties, full of people enjoying themselves. If we've only just arrived and we're all alone, we'll hear nonsensical whispers at different volumes. We know people are having a great time but we don't understand anything they're saying.

Even the sound of the word itself has some sort of joy and sparkle that more evokes party-images than any confusion. We might already feel like the New Year's party, but the sound of the word makes us think more about champagne bubbles and laughter. Do you not feel the same?

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