Spanish Conjunctions
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Conjunctions are the words that we use to connect words, phrases, clauses or sentences. Basically, on your quest towards expressing yourself and communicating with Spanish-speakers, conjunctions are like the glue that holds your ideas together and provides a bit of flow.

Common Spanish Conjunctions

(that, which, than )
Tiene un pájaro que habla.
He has a bird that talks.
Quiero la camisa azul y los zapatos negros.
I want the blue shirt and the black shoes.
¿Debo de comprar la camisa o los zapatos?
Should I buy the shirt or the shoes?
(as, like)
Duerme como un bebé.
She sleeps like a baby.
No sé si puedo ir.
I don't know if I can go.
No puedo ir, pero te llamo mañana.
I can't go, but I'll call you tomorrow.
Como porque tengo hambre.
I eat because I am hungry.
Voy a la cama cuando estoy cansado.
I go to bed when I am tired.
No sé donde el perro se esconde.
I don't know where the dog hides.
(although, even though)
Estoy comiendo aunque no tengo hambre.
I am eating eventhough I'm not hungry.
(but, but rather)
No quiero comida sino una bebida.
I don't want food, but (rather) a drink.
sin embargo
Quiere ir. Sin embargo, su madre no la deja.
She wants to go. However, her mom doesn't let her.
por lo tanto
Su madre no la deja salir esta noche. Por lo tanto, no va a la fiesta.
Her mom won't let her go out tonight. Therefore, she's not going to the party.
así que
Me despierto temprano, así que estoy cansado por la tarde.
I wake up early, therefore I am tired in the afternoon.
o sea
(in other words)
Hace calor y sol, o sea ¡un día perfecto para la playa!
It's warm in sunny, in other words a perfect beach day!
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