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About the Feria de Sevilla

As the cooler weather of winter gives way to the warmth and sunshine of spring, Sevilla is abuzz with preparations for the world-famous Feria de Sevilla or Feria de Abril, as it is often called locally.

This annual celebration, an event near and dear to every sevillano's heart, is an homage to enjoying life, to the arrival of springtime and to vibrant spirit of Sevilla. It's the culmination of folkloric Spain, where colorful flamenco dresses swirl, horse-drawn carriages clip-clop through the cobbled streets, the scent of orange blossoms wafts through the air, non-stop music and dancing set a joyful ambiance, folks sip sherry and snack on tapas, crowds pour into the bullring for the country's best bullfights... It's the time to experience Sevilla!

The Feria has two main hubs of activity. On the western side of the Guadalquivir River in the outskirts of the Los Remedios district, you'll find the extensive official fairgrounds, which were built exclusively for the week-long Feria de Sevilla. Through the extravagant gateway, newly designed each year and covered in thousands of tiny lightbulbs, you'll find over a thousand tents called casetas, which are the real heart of the Feria. Inside of each caseta, which families generally decorate to feel cozy and welcoming, are tables and chairs, an indispensable area for dancing sevillanas (like flamenco) and even a bar serving up drinks and tapas!

The emblematic Maestranza bullring is the other place to be during the Feria de Sevilla. There are bullfights every afternoon during the Feria, and trust us- between bullfighting aficionados and curious travelers, there's never an empty seat in the house. The hoards pour into the Maestranza to see Spain's very finest bullfighters, who never turn down the hard-won invitation to perform during the Feria.

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Feria de Sevilla
Feria de Sevilla

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