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In most destinations you can choose between three housing options: homestays, student residences or shared private apartments. No matter which you choose, we thought you might have some questions. How does it work? What is it like? Check out these helpful Q&As.

When can I arrive at my accommodation?

The accommodation is available between 12pm on the Sunday prior to the first day of class (Monday), until 12pm on the Saturday following the last day of class (Friday).


What if I arrive at my accommodation earlier or leave later?

Depending on availability, students will be able to book extra days in the accommodation (max. 3, extra fees will be charged). The cost of an entire week will be charged for students requiring 4 or more additional days of accommodation. The possibility of extending your stay is dependent on availability and may not be available, especially during high season.


What is the difference between a shared flat and a student residence?

In the residence students can benefit from half or full board, in flats students have to cook for themselves. The minimum number of students in a residence is 8 and the maximum 150 (depending on the city and the type of residence). In shared flats, the average number of students is 4-5 (minimum 3, maximum 12).


Can I cook in my accommodation?

There are no cooking facilities in the student residence because meals are included in the price (except for residences without meals, in which case there will be a kitchen). Also, keep in mind that you will not be able to use the kitchen if you're staying with a host family. Those students who want to cook by themselves should choose accommodation in a shared apartment.


What is the difference between half and full board?

Half board includes two meals per day: breakfast and dinner.

Full board includes three meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


I have chosen a half board meal plan, can I take the lunch instead of the dinner?

Half board means that breakfast and dinner will be included, this cannot be changed. Students who wish to include lunch in their meal plan must choose the full board option.


Can a host family or meal plan at the student residence accommodate special dietary restrictions for vegetarians or for people with food allergies?

If the student requires a special diet we are happy to prepare special meals. While making the reservation, students must clearly specify their personal diet needs.


What are host families like?

Host families are carefully selected to ensure that you are treated as part of the family and that your stay be as pleasant as possible. Host families range from young families to retired people and are all Spanish speakers.


How many students stay in the same family?

Some families welcome only one student, others have the opportunity to welcome 2 or 3 students. Unless specified, students will never be placed in the room with another student who has the same nationality.


Will I be able to use the family telephone?

Students are not allowed to use the telephone without any prior approval, but they can receive personal phone calls at reasonable hours.


Are laundry, ironing or cleaning services available with families?

Families offer the laundry service once a week. Student will not be able to wash their clothes themselves without prior permission. Ironing service is not available. The family will clean student's room once a week.


How far from the school do the families live?

Enforex families live within a maximum distance of 30 minutes public transport or walking distance from the school.


How far from the school are the residences located?

Enforex residences are located in the center of the cities, at a maximum of 30 minutes from the school (public transportation or walking).


How many students live in the same residence?

There are different types of Enforex residences. In general, there can be from 15 to 100 students in the same residence.


What is included in the price of a week in the residence?

Students have the choice between individual or double room and between half or full board. Bed linen and blankets are at the disposal of students. Common room with TV in each residence, central heating, WiFi access and cleaning of the common areas are included in the price. Students will be able to wash their clothes at or close to the residence. The cleaning of the room is not included


How far from the school are the shared flats located?

Shared apartments are located in the center of the city (maximum of 30 minutes by walking or by public transport from the school).


How many students live in the same flat?

The average number of students living in a flat is of 4-6. The minimum is 3 and the maximum 12.


What is included in the price of a week in a shared flat?

You can choose between individual or double room. Bed linen and blankets will already be in the flat. Water, gas and electricity are also included. No meals are offered, but all apartments have a well-equipped kitchen, as well as a TV, common room and central heating. Students can wash and iron their clothes in the flat. The cleaning of the room is not included in the price, but the cleaning of the common area is included. Most properties have WiFi access.


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