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Spanish artists in the comic books
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Spanish artists in the international world of the comic books

In Spain there are many talented comic book illustrators. Many have made the move to the US or France, where the graphic novel market is much stronger, but others continue working in Spain.  

If there’s one well known Spanish comic book artist outside of Spain, it’s Carlos Pacheco. His work regularly appears in Marvel series such as X-Men, Superman, The Fantastic 4… His dynamic drawing style works perfectly for rendering superheroes. Pascual Ferry is another Spanish artist with extensive experience drawing superheroes for series such as Thor and other celebrated sagas. There are in fact over fifty Spanish artists have had the chance to work with the biggest comic book publishers like Marvel, DC and Image.

France is another one of the most relevant countries in the comic book industry, where the creative duo made up of artist Juanjo Guarnido and writer Juan Díaz Canales have also found great success. They’re the creators of Blacksad, a popular series that is perhaps the most famous one made entirely by Spaniards.

In Spain there are also great international award-winning artists who have rarely left the country. Carlos Gimenez is the author of Paracullos, a nostalgic series of comics about Spain’s post-Civil War period of dictatorship seen through the eyes of a child. Francisco Ibáñez is the creator of some of the country’s greatest comedic comic book figures such as Mortadelo and Filemón, two secret agents who always seem to fail miserably at everything they try to do. Paco Roca is the creator of some of the most wonderful comics of the last decade including Arrugas (wrinkles), a heartbreaking story about Alzheimer’s disease. The highly successful comic was also made into a movie.

Although Spain has many great artists, most have to go abroad to make a living. Great artists are always leaving Spain. 

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