Pre-Columbian Art
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In Mesoamerica, pre Columbian art can be split into three main time periods, each of which boasts an individual personality.

  • Pre-classic
  • Classic
  • Post-classic


The Olmec civilization was the main protagonist during the Preclassic period, which heavily featured jade figures and the creation of ceremonial temples. They were also known for the creation of huge carved-stone constructions of individual heads, many of which exceed three meters in height and can still be seen to this day.


The Mayans then took charge during the Classic period. Their art manifested itself in the form of murals, and temples boasted a strong presence of hieroglyphics. The themes usually focus on nature-related issues and events, such as agriculture and fertility.


The Postclassic period was dominated by the Toltecs, who were known for their huge statues. It was also during this time that "Mixteca-Puebla," a pictographic style of Mixtec writing, was created and incorporated into art.

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