Diego Rivera
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Life of Diego Rivera

Born in 1886, Diego Rivera was a world-famous painter who focused on murals and helped to form the "Mexican muralism movement." He was also known for his marriage to Frida Kahlo. Coming from a Jewish-Spanish family, he started his education in Madrid in 1907, later going to France as well to continue his studies. It was there that he was introduced to a wide variety of influential artists, such as Amadeo Modigliani and Max Jacob. It was also around this time that Cubism was emerging through influential artists, like Pablo Picasso. To further his knowledge of the arts and ended up traveling to Italy and eventually returning to Mexico.

Following two failed marriages, Rivera married fellow artist Frida Kahlo, which was an interesting relationship, to say the least. The tumultuous relationship was known for its non-stop drama, flaring tempers and mutual infidelities. They divorced but remarried, sticking out the relatinship until Kahlo's death.

Creations by Diego Rivera

His return to Mexico was at the request of José Vasconcels, the Minister of Education, who wanted to enter Rivera into a mural program. Rivera created his first mural, with the simple name, Creation, on January 21, in Mexico City. It created controversy due to its symbolism, which depicted issues such as racial strain. By 1922, he had joined the Mexican Communist party and had started to reflect Mexican society through his work. He had always been known for his volatile profile, due largely to his political stances, attitudes towards religion and friendships with controversial public figures.

Most of Rivera's murals are a result of the artist's identification with the social struggles of Mexico's people. Through his depiction of scenes, events and people, he told entire stories and conveyed messages, which are characterized for their vibrant colors and crowded scenes. Today you can view fascinating murals by Diego Rivera throughout the Americas, ranging from Mexico City to New York, Detroit, San Francisco and beyond.

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