Frida Kahlo
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Life of Frida Kahlo

Born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacán, Mexico, Frida Kahlo was a famous painter who infused several styles into her work. In addition to her captivating pieces. She was also known by many for her support of communism and for her tumultuous marriage to famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

Her relationship with husband Diego Rivera was turbulent and quite abnormal, as both engaged in multiple affairs. These transgressions led to divorce, but they later remarried, not long before Kahlo's death in 1954. She had been troubled by her injuries and illnesses and, while the exact cause of her death is unknown as there was no examination, many suspect it was due to an accidental or intentional overdose.

Works by Frida Kahlo

Her body of work is most characterized by her self portraits, which were often full of symbolism referring to the health, social and cultural issues affecting her at the time. Her illnesses and accidents over the years inspired her to paint and, encouraged by Diego Rivera, much of her work went on to incorporate Mexican symbolism. She was known to paint pain and passion using bold, vibrant colors, and she also drew influences from Mexico's indigenous cultures and various European styles, such as Realism, Symbolism and Surrealism.

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