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Latin American Literature

Latin America is rich with high quality literature written by a whole host of great and inspiring authors, and if you check out the links that we have put together in this section you will soon know all about great writers such as Rubén Darío, Carlos Fuentes, Isabel Allende and others who are very important to the literary canon of Latin America. Their combined work has changed the face of Latin America and influenced the minds of many both in those countries and beyond, whether through the imaginative and awe inspiring stories that they told or through texts of a political and idealogical nature which were designed to change the world and the way that people think of it.

Latin American literature as a whole has always been fortunate enough to have enjoyed the support of both critics and the public on both a national and an international scale. Many Latin American authors are not only famous literary innovators who have been awarded with the largest number of prestigious prizes throughout the world, but many of their novels also feature on best seller lists in many countries. These are not just books to be read by their fellow countrymen, but by people around the world – and one of the great things about learning how to speak Spanish through a course with us is that you will be able to read these works of art in the language in which they were written, so that you can understand their true poetry and see them just how they were meant to be seen. For a lot of people this is a very important element of really understanding both novels and poetry, as well as even the factual works which may have been produced in the Spanish language, as there is much to do with nuance that can be lost in translation no matter how good the translator is.

A large amount of contemporary literature cannot be understood without these some knowledge of these authors; their works include many autobiographical elements which explain the times in which they lived and, if you research their lives in greater depth, you will find that many of their life experiences have shaped their timeless novels. Whether it was the way of life at the time which shaped their fictional settings, a real series of events which inspired their plots, or even the idea of having their protagonists really see the things that they themselves had seen, there was a little bit of all of them in the work that they produced. Find out more about your favorite Latin American authors or the ones who might be your favourites in the future by visiting some of the links that we have provided below – and remember that if you would like to take things further and really learn more about their works and their lives, we offer literature courses in some locations which will give you the chance to really look into them in more depth!

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