Julio Cortázar
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Julio Cortázar

Born in 1914, Julio Cortázar was a famous short story writer of Argentine descent. His work influenced many South American writers, despite the fact that his most famous pieces were written in France. His disruptive childhood as a reclusive child who spent most of his time reading was the source of inspiration of much of his later work. He was given specific pieces of work and this led to him becoming fond of the work of Jules Verne. During his early adulthood he worked as a primary school teacher. During this time, he produced several sonnets under the pseudonym Julio Denis. Disaffection towards the government of Juan Domingo Perón took Cortázar to France, where he worked as a translator. From there he worked on several projects, including some of the work of Edgar Allan Poe. He passed away in 1984 in Paris having married on three occasions.

His notable work includes:

  • Rayuela
  • Final del Juego
  • Los Premios
  • Octaedro
  • Bestiario
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