Día de la Hispanidad
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Día de la Hispanidad

The 12th of October is a day that is celebrated in many countries across the globe. We're going to take a short trip around the world to show you how this day is celebrated. Let's get going!

    Madrid dia armada
  • In Spain, the 12th of October is called the "Día de la Hispanidad". It is also known more informally as the Day of the Armed Forces Parade. This is because on this day there is a large military parade in Madrid that takes place on this day. In Zaragoza, the October 12 is also the day of the Virgen del Pilar. This colorful festival is one of the most famous and popular festivals that take place in Spain.
  • In the United States this day is known as "Columbus Day" , and, curiously, this day exists thanks to the influence of Italian Americans and their immigrant ancestors. This is because Columbus originally came from Genoa, Italy. Today many Latin American communities celebrate this day also, sometimes calling it El Día de la Raza.
  • Mexico dia raza
  • In Mexico, this celebration is known as the "Día de la Raza". Today this holiday celebrates the legacy of Pre-Columbian Mexico. In Colombia, this day is also known by the same name.
  • In 1994, Costa Rica created the Día de las Culturas . (Day of the Cultures) in which this county celebrates the contributions of the indigenous, Spanish, African and Asian cultures of this country.

Curiously, the first country to celebrate the Día de la Hispanidad was Argentina. This country first celebrated this day in 1917 (this holiday would come to Spain one year later). Today, this celebration has changed to become the Día de la Resistencia de los Pueblos Originarios (Day of Indigenous Peoples Resistance) thanks to the protests of activist groups within the country. In Venezuela, this day has used that name since 2002.

Costa Rica Cultures

"Hispanidad", as we can see, is a controversial term and there have been some calls to have its name changed. Should we do it? Maybe we should keep in mind how the word is defined in the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of Spanish or RAE:

hispanidad. 1. f. A generic character of all the people that speak the Spanish language and relate to Hispanic culture.
2. f. Group and community of Hispanic people.

Once again, it is that language that unites us.

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