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The most typical Christmas desserts in Spain

The most typical Christmas desserts in Spain

The most typical Christmas desserts in Spain are here to you. In this article you can find the 10 most popular Spanish Christmas desserts.

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Christmas is almost here, so one of the elements that can't be missed are sweets. In Spain, the Christmas season is not only full of bright lights and cheerful carols, but also of an incredible variety of traditional desserts and sweets that make this time even more special.

In this article you will learn the 10 most typical sweets in Spain during this special time. Travel around the country and discover where turrón or polvorones, two of the most typical sweets of the country, come from.

Sweeten your palate during the Christmas holidays in Spain with desserts such as:

1. Turrón (nougat)

Before start talking about nougat, it is important to know that there are two types: soft nougat and hard nougat. Soft nougat is a solid paste of almonds, egg white and honey in the shape of a tablet. While hard nougat is covered with wafers and is crunchier, although it is prepared in the same way as the other one.

Two types of nougat in Christmas

The most famous nougat in Spain is Jijona nougat, originally from the province of Alicante. This Christmas sweet is made with almonds and honey, with a smooth texture and an irresistible flavour.

2. Roscón de Reyes

In Madrid, the capital of the country, the Roscón de Reyes takes all the attention. It is a circular sponge cake with a hole in the center, decorated with candied fruit and sugar, which can be filled with cream, chocolate, or nothing at all.

It is traditionally eaten on Three Kings Day, that is, January 6th, but you can find it throughout the month of December as well. Another tradition surrounding this Christmas candy is that it hides a figurine and a bean inside. The person who finds the figurine will be the lucky one, while the person who finds the bean will have to pay for the roscón.

Spanish roscon de reyes

3. Polvorones and mantecados

Another typical sweet are polvorones and mantecados, which have a characteristic texture that, when you eat them, they melt in your mouth. They are made of almonds, flour and sugar that are baked to achieve a delicious result.

The most famous polvorones are those of Estepa, Seville, small crumbly sweet that melt in your mouth, leaving a delicious trail. Although the most famous ones are made of almonds, nowadays you can find polvorones and mantecados in many flavors: lemon, cinnamon, chocolate...

4. Marzipan

There are different types of marzipan all over the Peninsula, but Toledo is undoubtedly the place of reference for marzipan. This sweet, made with almonds and sugar, has been part of Christmas celebrations in the region for centuries.

The paste that forms the marzipan is very sweet and is molded into different shapes and then baked.

Spanish Christmas dessert: marzipan

5. Peladillas

Peladillas are small, glazed almonds that are enjoyed in various regions of Spain, but have a special presence in Valencia. Their crunchy sugar coating makes them a delicious gift to be shared during Christmas celebrations.

They are usually used as a decorative element because of their small, white, and oval shape, but they are a favourite of many. Dare to try them!

6. Stuffed almonds

The stuffed almonds are almond-shaped wafers filled with soft nougat. They are small and usually come individually wrapped. Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, this sweet has become a must during Christmas.

7. Panellets or empiñonados

This sweet is typical of Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, and the Balearic Islands. Panellets or empiñonados are small marzipan covered with pine nuts.

Although they are sweets that have become popular at Christmas, but it is a traditional sweet for November 1, when All Saints' Day is celebrated.

8. Alfajor

Another of the great sweets of Christmas gastronomy are the alfajores. They are made from a paste of walnuts, almonds, and honey in the shape of a cylinder. Although, it is also common to add hazelnuts, cloves, or cinnamon in them. They are typical sweets from Andalusia and Murcia.

9. Neulas

Neulas are the queens of the Christmas table in Catalonia. These thin, crunchy cookies, which resemble wafers, are rolled into a tube, and serve as the perfect accompaniment to nougat and other sweets typical of the region. You can also find some filled.

10. Roscos de Vino

Finally, the roscos de vino is a Christmas tradition in Castilla La Mancha. These sweet rings, dipped in wine and sprinkled with sugar, are the perfect combination of softness and a light touch of the local beverage.

Each city in Spain adds its own unique touch to Christmas celebrations, and these desserts are proof of that. The diversity of flavours and culinary traditions makes Christmas in Spain an unforgettable experience for those with a sweet tooth.

And you, have you already spent Christmas in Spain? If you want to learn Spanish in Spain it is a perfect time to visit the streets full of lights and the most popular Christmas desserts. Expand your vocabulary and sign up for an intensive Spanish course at Enforex.

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