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Teaching Spanish in Spain and Latin America since 1989

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The Instituto Cervantes

The Instituto Cervantes was founded on the 11th of May, 1991. Its main objectives are the promotion and teaching of the Spanish language

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We often hear that the Instituto Cervantes is a basic part of the promotion of the Spanish language abroad. But it is very likely that the reader will want to dig deeper in the history of this institution and its labour. We give you some facts so that you can better understand that task.

The Instituto Cervantes is a relatively new society: it was founded on the 11th of May, 1991, as an organisation depending from the Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry. Its main objectives are the promotion and teaching of the Spanish language, as well as the diffusion of the culture of Spain and Latin America throughout the world. Nowadays it is present in 77 cities of 44 countries.

This labour of promotion of the Spanish language is carried out through the following actions:

Organizing of general and special Spanish language courses (and also of the other co-official languages in the Spanish territory).

–  Forming Spanish language teachers and updating their teaching methods.
–  Supporting the work of Hispanists.
Participating and organizing cultural diffusion activities in collaboration with other organisms, both national (like the Royal Academy of the Language), Latin American and from other non-Spanish speaking countries.
–  Participating in programs for the diffusion of the Spanish language.
Creating and improving public libraries through the donation of advanced technological devices.
The expedition of the DELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma), and the organization of the exams that grant it.

This last facet is the one that may interest the students more: the DELE title is a life-long valid certificate acknowledged by the Science and Education Ministry. Obtaining it grants academic recognition and is appreciated in the labour world. Each year more than 55.000 people attend the exams (taking place three times per year). We remind you that our schools offer courses to prepare this exam, and the Madrid school is one of the official DELE examination centres.

In a very short time, and thanks to its diverse competencies, the Instituto Cervantes has turned into an essential for the understanding and international promotion of a language spoken by 500 million people throughout the world. And, even though it is a very young institution (only 21 years old), it carries out its labour with great efficacy and tenacity.