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Ten reasons you'll want to come back to Spain

Have you gone home after your stay in Spain only to feel slightly nostalgic? Do you want to come back, but you don't know why?

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Have you gone home after your stay in Spain only to feel slightly nostalgic? Do you want to come back, but you don’t know why? Maybe, if you do a little soul searching, you’ll find one of these reasons to return.

1. The wine: Spain may be small, but almost every region has its own wine… and most have various kinds! There are wonderful reds, whites and rosés, each one with its own personality; the perfect complement to any dish, from seafood to chocolate cake.

2. Jamón (Iberian ham): If you miss these thin, cured slices of meat don’t be surprised. Most Spaniards who live abroad also miss it! If nostalgia were a dish… it would be made with jamón!

3. Fiestas: You already know it’s true. We have a new fiesta to celebrate almost every month. And it’s also pretty likely that you’ll find we celebrate fiestas from your country as well; for example, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween or Oktoberfest. We’re the best at adopting international fiestas as our own!

4. After-dinner conversation: Maybe at first it seemed strange that after eating we take up to half an hour (sometimes many hours on the weekend) to talk and have coffee; but when you leave, you’ll miss those times full of great conversation about the here and now, philosophy, humanity…

5. The olive oil: Whether it’s used to fry potatoes or to dress a salad, we’re sure you’re going to miss this light and healthy ingredient. It’s likely that you’ll start to think, as Spaniards do, that it’s an abomination to cook with butter!

6. Free tapas: We’re sure you’ve gone down to your local bar with friends once you’re back in your city and you’ve missed the olives or potato chips they give you here with a pint of beer.

7. Get any place in less than four hours: If you’re from a large country like the US, Russia or Canada, we’re sure you’ll feel nostalgic thinking about travelling to forested landscapes like those in the north of Spain and to beautiful Mediterranean beaches in as much time as it would take to see a long movie… and returning home the same day, even if you were staying in the center of the country!

8. Store hours: Small stores here close between 8 and 9 at night; and big stores can close at 10 p.m. Here, you can have a light dinner and still have time to go out and do a little shopping.

9. The bars: There are at least two bars on every Spanish street… from modern places specializing in Gin and Tonics to traditional bars that are older than their oldest customer. If you don’t find a place you like here, it’s because you simply don’t want to.

10. The people: Whatever time you go out, whether it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon or 4 o’clock in the morning, you’ll find someone in the street. Some are out partying, some are going to work, some are on their way home… Here you never feel alone!

Of course this list is not complete, because we want you to complete it. What do you miss? Why would you come back to Spain?

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