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Spanish vocabulary: sports

Spanish vocabulary: sports

If you like sports and want to expand your Spanish vocabulary, here you will find all the words you need to know. Football and basketball vocabulary…

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Are you a fan of the world of sports? If you want to expand your Spanish vocabulary about sports, this is the perfect article for you. Learn all the words in Spanish about your favourite sport and immerse yourself in the language.

Exploring sports-related vocabulary in Spanish is an exciting way to enrich your language skills. In this article, you will find all the words you need about each sport to keep a Spanish conversion about your favourite team or players.

Spanish sports names

Before starting with the specific vocabulary of each sport; it is important that you know their names in Spanish. Here is a list of all the most common and well-known sports:

Football vocabulary in Spanish

Football vocabulary in Spanish

Football or soccer is one of the most played and known sports in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that in any conversation in Spanish the subject comes up. Even more considering that soccer is the sport par excellence in Spain, thanks to great teams such as Real Madrid or Barcelona, and the Spanish national soccer teams, both female and male.

Find here all the football vocabulary in Spanish you need:

Basketball vocabulary in Spanish

Another of the most popular sports is basketball. Here is the list of Spanish vocabulary about this sport that you need to know:

Basketball vocabulary in Spanish

Other Spanish words for different sports

The star sports par excellence in many parts of the world are football and basketball. Although there are thousands of modalities and sports with their specific Spanish vocabulary. For example:


These are some key words in tennis:


Some useful words if you talk about athletics:


If you like swimming, these words will be very useful:

Exploring Spanish vocabulary related to sports improves your language skills and brings you closer to Spanish-speaking culture. From now on you will be able to participate in conversations about sports in Spanish thanks to this extensive vocabulary.

Get the courage to use these terms in your conversations and practice with native speakers. The Spanish sports vocabulary will open a world of possibilities for you to connect with other football, basketball, or tennis lovers.

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