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Spanish (in the) beach

This is why Enforex suggests you learn Spanish in the beaches of one of our sunniest destinations. The best shcools to learn Spanish

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Let us be honest: Spain may deservedly be known for its interesting culture, its phenomenal gastronomy and its numberless places in which to enjoy oneself. But if we ask people what is it they like best about our country, the answer will be, “The sun and the beach”. Especially this time of year.

To indolently lay on the sand, drowsily listening to the waves breaking on the shore, the opportunity to swim in warm waters just a few feet away… Can one ask for me?

Actually, yes. We could ask for a conversation with the tall, dark stranger ogling at us from a few towels away. We could ask to not have to order sangria twice because the waiter didn’t understand us the first time. We could ask for the boy renting the deck chairs to understand us perfectly.

This is why Enforex suggests you learn Spanish in the beaches of one of our sunniest destinations: it could be Alicante, with its clement climate and its assuaging atmosphere; it could be Cádiz, a paradise refined for over 3,000 years; Barcelona, one of the country’s most modern cities; Málaga, a superb gateway to the Mediterranean waters; Marbella, an internationally renowned exclusive destination; Tenerife, in the exotic Canary islands; or Valencia, cradle of our world-famous gastronomy.

Think about it: to learn a language, to discover a culture and then to simply rest on the beach to digest all this knowledge. Or to put it to use. We could talk to that tall, dark stranger now. We could maybe treat this stranger to a drink (finally, that sangria!) or to a bite to eat (since you will be more than familiar with the taste of “pescaíto frito” and paella). We could get a discount from the clerk with the deck chairs. We could take our enjoyment of the beach and of Spanish to the highest level. Doesn’t it sound inviting?

Take on this opportunity and come with us. You don’t have to worry about anything: Enforex will not only teach you the language, it will also take care of your accommodation. You only can to focus on learning under the sun. You probably deserve it.

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