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Spanish airport vocabulary

Spanish airport vocabulary

Spanish airport vocabulary you need for this vacation in Spain or Mexico. Travel with peace and learn the comple list of Spanish airport words.

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Vacations are just around the corner, or if you're one of the lucky ones, you're already on vacation this summer! So, if your intention is to travel to a Spanish-speaking country like Spain or Mexico, you're in luck, in this Enforex article we'll teach you the Spanish vocabulary you need if you get lost at the airport.

Don't miss a word and learn how to ask for the boarding area, where your plane is taking off or how to get to a different terminal. Keep reading!

Spanish airport words

This comprehensive list of Spanish words airport will get you out of more than a few situations this vacation season.

Did you already know any of these Spanish words for the airport? If you want to continue learning, you can do so with a Spanish course in Spain with Enforex.

Once you are on the plane, do you know what Spanish vocabulary is used? Here is a list of the most basic words:

Spanish airport words

Uselful Spanish phrases at the airport

Once you have internalized the most important Spanish words at the airport, you need to know some key phrases. All these Spanish phrases will help you communicate and ask questions if you are lost or need assistance.

After learning all this vocabulary, we can only wish you a good trip!

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