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Learn Spanish at the Feria de Sevilla

Get to know the heart and soul of folkloric Spain by learning Spanish while experiencing the Feria de Abril in Sevilla! Learn more right here!

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Get to know the heart of folkloric Spain where you can revel in the scent of orange trees, the clacking of flamenco shoes, the beautiful women in traditional costumes and the heat of the Andalusian sun!

Although Sevilla is Spain’s fourth largest city and the capital of Andalusia, it has all the warmth and coziness of a small town. It would be an understatement to say that Sevilla has a rich statement; the city has the glorious past of the Roman Empire, the sumptuous Muslim culture and the reconquest of Spain by Fernando and Isabel. The re-taking of Sevilla sparked the construction of one of the largest, most awe-inspiring cathedrals in the whole world.

Visit the Torre de Oro, where the riches of the New World were stored. Explore the Barrio Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter with its cobblestone streets and whitewashed buildings, and peruse the magnificent Muslim-inspired Alcázar palace. Deep-rooted traditions, such as the famous processions of Holy Week and the Feria de Abril, create awonderful place to get to know and love the Spanish and Andalusian culture. Yet with all fo these, it’s also a modern, forward-looking city with something for all ages and tastes.

With all of this and more, it’s a wonderful place to learn Spanish!

Feria de abril

Many people are shocked to find out that Sevilla’s extravagant Feria de Abril (April Fair), a week-long festival bursting with a vibrance that only those “carpe diem” sevillanos can pull off, began long ago as a simple agricultural fair. Nowadays, the livestock stalls are long gone, making room for the colors, music and festivities of this ultimate celebration of simply enjoying life.

The week of round-the-clock fiestas begins with the midnight alumbrado, for which Sevillanos and visitors alike turn out in droves to get their first look at the lit up feria grounds. The elated crowd bursts into cheers as more than 22,000 lightbulbs flicker into action, joyfully illuminating the grounds and the towering main gateway, which architects design and construct anew every single year. From this moment until the end of the week, the fair grounds – which come to life exclusively during the Feria – brim with the energy created by lively music, dancing and the cheerful colors of those infamous polka-dotted flamenco dresses.

Over 1,000 striped casetas line the Feria streets,varying in size from huge tents donning the names of associations or political parties to more intimate versions belonging to families and groups of friends. The real essence of the feria lies in these smaller casetas, where everyone knows everyone and which the owners take great pride in decorating like a second home. Large and small casetas alike have music playing, a small kitchen, tables and chairs, a bar serving beer, sherry, and tapas, and an indispensable open space for dancing the joyful sevillanas, the four-part local flamenco spin-off that Sevillanos begin learning from the moment they begin to walk.

What does Enforex Seville offer you?

With course durations and intensities to accommodate any schedule, YOU get to choose how long and how much you want study with us. Courses begin any Monday of the year and last for between one week and one year. Plus, you can study Spanish while traveling throughout our many schools in Spain, following the same course through as many cities as you like at no additional charge.

Enforex Sevilla offers a wide variety of courses for students of all ages, nationalities and levels. Every level is available at any time of year, from beginner to proficiency. Pick the course that’s right for you!

* General Intensive Spanish + Cultural Lessons (10+, 20, 20+5, 25+5 lessons/week)
* Long Duration Course (12+ weeks)
* Semester or Academic Year Abroad (20+ weeks)
* One on One Private Lessons
* Spanish + History / Literature / Art History
* DELE Exam Preparation Course
* Spanish + Flamenco
* Spanish + Internship
* Business Spanish & One on One Classes for Executives
* Learn Spanish While Traveling
* Customized Group Programs
* Spanish for Juniors (14-18 years old)
…and more!

Our Spanish school in Sevilla is located in the picturesque Barrio Santa Cruz. Once the city’s historic Jewish quarter, the area – full of winding cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses – is undoubtedly the city’s prettiest. The school’s prime location puts students in the midst of a multitude of restaurants, bars and shops.

coursesWhen you study with us at Enforex Sevilla, you can rest assured that we do our very best to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. That’s why our school is located in one of Sevilla’s classic white-washed buildings that has been totally renovated to fit our students needs. Students take classes in 12 air-conditioned classrooms, and in their downtime can relax on the rooftop deck, enjoy free internet access or take a walk to some of the city’s most emblematic monuments, such as the Cathedral, the Plaza de España, the Parque de María Luisa and more!

Make new friends from all over the world! Enforex Sevilla welcomes a melting pot of students from the USA, England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Italy…

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