Accommodations in Spain by City
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Accommodations in Spain by City

There are a wide range of accommodation options available for those taking our Spanish courses, and while some of our accommodation options are only accessible in a few locations, others are guaranteed across Spain. The great news is that our two most affordable options – host families and student apartments – are available in each of our twelve language school cities, so you will always be able to fit the accommodations in Spain to your budget.

If you are wondering about what our prices are, just click through to the city of your choice and you will find a list of pricing options for each of the categories we provide there.

Wondering what accommodations are available in your city of choice? Refer to these pages to find out:

If you are looking to stay in a private apartment, be aware that this option is only available in Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca, Sevilla, Tenerife, and Valencia. In addition to this, the student residences are only available in certain forms in certain cities, as their presence depends on whether there is a large university nearby with good attendance figures. Also remember that these may not be an option during term time as there are not always extra rooms during this time – though the biggest cities do normally have spare space. You can access these student residences in Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Sevilla, and Valencia – half of the total cities on offer.

Remember to book early to avoid disappointment – some of the accommodation options are very popular, so if you book at the last minute we cannot guarantee that all of them will be available to you. If you want the best quality residences, get in quick and we will be able to provide you with everything that you need!

It is important to keep in mind that if you have any questions, all you need to do is ask. If you head over to our virtual tours page you may be able to find some images of the accommodation in your chosen city, and if you want more details just get in touch with our team, who will be happy to answer any of your queries or concerns. All of our accommodation is carefully handpicked by staff members who have many years of experience in choosing the right places, so we make sure that they are of the highest quality – and that they are in a convenient location. We try to make sure that you are close to both the language school and the city centre, so that you are able to access both with minimal fuss.

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