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Virtual Tour of Spain

If you want to know what our accommodation looks like, simply check out our photo galleries here with images from the student residences we provide. You can also look around our language schools and their facilities before you even get on the plane – we have here images taken from inside the schools themselves, including action shots taken whilst lessons were ongoing! You can walk up to the front of the building with us, sign in at reception, and walk through the hallways in our virtual tours.

We can also show you a virtual tour of Spain and some of the sights that you will notice around your chosen city in Spain or Latin America, though of course no image can compare to the real thing. For a quick peek at the best monuments of cities like Barcelona and Madrid, that you may even recognise from seeing in international media before today, just click on one of our galleries and scroll down to see the images that pertain to each city’s individual sights. Be sure that this is only the tip of the iceberg – plenty more awaits you when you arrive! In some of our more exotic locations in Latin America, you may even find previews of the amazing creatures and exotic plant life that you will encounter, such as the colourful frog in Costa Rica.

If still images just do not do it for you, head over to our video section, where you can see a glimpse into the world of the Enforex schools in full colour and movement! Watch a beginner learning to tango, or listen to one of our teachers taking her class through an exercise. These video introductions will give you a real taste of what it is like to study with us, so to get the full scoop head over to our YouTube channel and check out all of our latest posts.

To help you get around, we have also included here some Spanish maps that show the location of all the major cities in which we have schools. You can compare the distance between them and take a look at what is where, which is helpful if you are planning to split your study between one or more destinations and want to choose complementary locations. Once you have decided which of the cities is the one for you to study in, you can click through to the right page and find detailed city maps for each. We have both a PDF for you to download which highlights some of the most important parts of the city, as well as a link to Google Maps which you can explore at leisure.

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