Rice Museum
Students' Corner

Rice has long played an important role in Valencia, whether as one of its top exports or as one of the most characteristic ingredients in its local cuisine. In fact, it's so important to Valencia that the city has its very own Rice Museum dedicated to the city's cultivation and use of the grain.

The museum is actually housed in a huge rice factory, dating back to the turn of the 20th century, that has been totally renovated to give visitors a glimpse into the whole rice process, from seed to store shelf. With authentic factory machinery, photos, videos, models, charts and interactive screens, this giant five-floor rice machine is actually far more interesting than it may sound. Here, you'll learn about the agriculture of rice, its collection and sorting, classes of rice and industrial processing.

With its peculiar theme and authentic setting and machinery, Valencia's Rice Museum is an interesting stop for anyone looking to learn more about the role of rice in the city. As an Enforex student at our Spanish school, all you have to do is sign up at the school reception to come along on our school-organized visit!

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