Museu de la Xocolata
Students' Corner

Calling all chocolate lovers! If you have a sweet tooth begging for a bite of something scrumptious, then come along on our afternoon visit to Barcelona's engaging Museu de la Xocolata (Museum of Chocolate)!

This private museum, owned by the city's confectioners' guild, is a true homage to the history and culture of chocolate. It traces the history of chocolate starting with its origins as a sacred and medicinal product of pre-Columbian culture in Central America through its 16th-century arrival in Europe and its more modern presence and uses in Catalunya, Spain and the world.

It also covers the manufacturing process of chocolate, from its start as a simple cocoa bean up through the machinery used in its industrial production. Also on display are oodles of sculpted masterpieces crafted expertly and meticulously from chocolate. Famous paintings and sculptures are imitated, and several of Barcelona's iconic buildings - the Sagrada Familia, for example - are recreated as chocolate miniatures.

Once you're done perusing the museum, pop into the museum café which, not surprisingly, serves up a mean cup of hot chocolate along with a wide range of mouthwatering sweets.

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