Chocolate and Churros
Students' Corner

One of Spain's tastiest treats is without a doubt chocolate and churros, for which a mug of thick hot chocolate is accompanied by a pile of churros, a type of fried-dough snack.

Chocolate and churros are a favorite treat for Spaniards young and old, and have been since the 19th century. In addition to their delightful crispy crunch, churros generally have a ridged surface from being piped out of a "churrera", a kind of syringe with prism-shaped nozzle, and can come in straight, curled or spiraled forms.

Sold by the half-dozen or dozen, they're generally eaten either for breakfast or as a late afternoon snack. They're also commonly sold by street vendors during festivals and fairs, where they are fried on the spot and served up hot and sprinkled with sugar.

The two most iconic establishments in Barcelona serving up steaming mugs of hot chocolate and ridged, crispy churros are both located on Calle Petrixol - Dulcinea and Pallaresa - and we recommend paying them a visit! After all, as the saying goes: "when in Rome..."

In other cities too, there are a number of Churrería's where you can enjoy fresh churros and chocolate all day, as well as many bars where you'll need to get in first thing if you don't want to miss out on this delicious Spanish delicacy!

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