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Spanish is one of the world's most important languages across the board: politics, business, economics, culture, international organizations... the list goes on. It's the official language of well over 20 countries and in just a few years the Spanish-speaking population will hit 500 million! Needless to say, the demand for Spanish-speaking professionals is skyrocketing. Imagine the advantage you will have as a job candidate when companies see that you speak Spanish?

That's why we have numerous work immersion programs that will provide you with the linguistic confidence and field-specific skills you will need to thrive in Spanish-speaking professional environments. Our methodology is based on 100% linguistic and cultural immersion, which ensures that you make the most out of your time abroad while achieving your work-related objectives.

  • Work Immersion Suggestion 1
    Spanish Course + Internship in a Spanish Company

    Our top suggestion for a work immersion program is, without a doubt, taking part in our eight-week internship opportunity. Before you begin your internship in the field of your choice, we highly recommend taking the suggested four-week Business or Intensive course. The 20 lessons you'll receive each week will help you feel comfortable with the language, which you will then have the chance use and apply in a genuine professional Spanish setting for eight weeks.
    This program is an excellent, character-building link between studying Spanish and actually becoming part of the Spanish-speaking working world, where you will learn about and experience day-to-day Spanish life, culture and business.
  • Work Immersion Suggestion 2
    Business Spanish Courses

    If you are interested in finding the perfect balance between improving your overall Spanish, learning about international business and acquiring the Business Spanish skills to last you a lifetime, then our Business Courses are excellent options. You will spend either two of four weeks immersed in the business world, learning about everything from international trade to Spanish-speaking countries' labor markets, major industries, tax legislation, banking and much more.
  • Work Immersion Suggestion 3
    Teacher Training Courses

    What better place to learn about teaching the Spanish language than in a Spanish-speaking country? After all, they're the real experts! Our Spanish courses and seminars for teachers are bound to enrich your classroom back home with new and updated methodologies and interesting topics. What's more, the programs in Spain are held during cities' most emblematic times of year, which will provide you with the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture at cities' peak moments.
  • Work Immersion Suggestion 4
    Spanish for Medicine

    This two-week (in Guanajuato) or four-week (in Pamplona) program is designed for essentially anybody involved in the medical field who is looking to improve their communication with Spanish-speaking patients and / or colleagues. As you work on your general Spanish language skills you will also learn field-specific expressions and vocabulary guaranteed to help you in the workplace. The program in Pamplona includes three visits to local health centers and clinics, giving you the opportunity to observe and practice in a genuine Spanish-speaking medical environment. You can also get involved in internships in which you can "shadow" professionals working in the health field.
  • Work Immersion Suggestion 5
    Spanish for Engineers

    This four-week program includes 25 lessons per week as well as three visits to engineering firms in and around Pamplona. Spending time both in the classroom and in these companies will give you the unique opportunity to learn field-specific terms and expressions and then hear and use them in a real-life environment. Whether you are currently studying, working or simply interested in engineering, the skills you gain with this program are guaranteed to open doors for you in the future.
    • Spanish for Engineers in Pamplona, Spain

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