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An all-around Spanish language immersion program focuses primarily on language while also ensuring that students leave with a good overall understanding of the society and culture in which they are immersed. Here are our top suggestions:

Long Duration Spanish Immersion Course in Spain

Our Long Duration Spanish Immersion Course, available in all of our schools in Spain, consists of between 10 and 20 weeks. By giving yourself an extended period of time you will have ample time to improve your Spanish by leaps and bounds while having the time to truly get to know your surroundings. The Long Duration Course, which has a substantial discount, is the gateway to linguistic and cultural fluency, as your cultural knowledge will grow alongside your linguistic knowledge and you will become increasingly aware of Spain's many intricacies. We understand, however, that not all of our students can simply up and come to Spain for a few months. In which case the next best option would be a regular Super Intensive Spanish course

  • Long Duration Spanish Immersion Course

Super Intensive Spanish Course in Latin America
A Super Intensive Spanish Course is an excellent option if want to study in Latin America and are looking to maximize your time abroad, be it for a week, a month or a year. Small group sizes ensure plenty of personal attention, which proves to be extremely effective in language learning. Depending upon the school, you'll have an average of 4 to 6 lessons each day, all of which will be 100% taught in Spanish.

"+5" Courses in Spain & Mexico

The Intensive and Super Intensive courses available in our schools in Spain and Mexico almost always have the "+5" option. This means that along with the regular course load, you'll have five lessons each week entirely dedicated to exploring cultural topics. Cultural knowledge is a key part of appreciating another language and these additional lessons will help you to understand and appreciate the culture in which you are immersed. Take a look at the following links for more information and characteristics

Staying with a Host Family

While the independence associated with living in an apartment or residence - or even a hotel room - can be tempting, especially if you've already been living on your own for a time, we highly recommend living with a host family. Why? Our experience has shown that living with a host family is a vital aspect of a successful Spanish language immersion experience. Your host family will speak to you only in Spanish, therefore providing you with even more language practice, as well as give you a first-hand glimpse into the local traditions, culture and customs.

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