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Spanish Immersion Schools in Latin America

If you're looking for a Spanish immersion school somewhere in Latin America, you have come to the right place! We have destinations for all types of travelers - beach bums, culture vultures, history buffs, leisure lovers, etc. - and language programs for all types of learners.

No matter what course you sign up for or what level you are placed in, your learning experience in our classrooms will be entirely in Spanish. Studies have shown over and over again that the best way to learn a language is to do so using the language as a teaching tool, not a simple course subject, and our team of Spanish teachers agree with this methodology and put it into practice. Plus, outside of class you will be living in a Spanish-speaking community where everything you do and everyone you meet is an opportunity to learn and practice. Between time spent in class and time spent out of class you will be rapidly progressing in your language abilities thanks to this 24-hour immersion in the language and culture surrounding you.

We have watched thousands of students immerse themselves in communities throughout Latin America and successfully complete their Spanish programs with Spanish abilities that just weeks or months ago they couldn't even fathom. Whether taking one of our intensive Spanish courses or getting involved with our volunteer programs, we offer numerous Spanish immersion opportunities. Click on the pages below to see the Spanish immersion schools and courses available to you in Latin America through Enforex

Spanish Immersion Schools in Latin America

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