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One of the absolute highlights of enrolling in a language immersion program abroad is the element of travel. Sure, the long-term goal is to learn as much Spanish as you can in a week, two weeks, two months, etc., but who could say no to doing so while discovering the rainforests of Costa Rica or the medieval cities of Spain?

When you sign up for a Spanish immersion program in a Spanish-speaking country, you are officially stepping out of the box and embarking on a new and exciting adventure. You will spend 24 hours a day, ideally for a period of a few weeks, immersed in a genuine Spanish-speaking environment in which everyone you meet and everything you do is a learning experience and an opportunity to practice.

Meanwhile, immersion travel means that outside of class you'll have plenty of time to take in the sights, go on excursions and weekend trips, check out the local nightlife and enjoy all sorts of activities, ranging from scuba diving in the Canary Islands to surfing in Sosua, Dominican Republic or wine tasting in Mendoza, Argentina. In fact, the more you see and do, the more well-rounded your immersion experience will be, as the key insight you gain into the surrounding culture will encourage you all the more in your language studies and provide you with a unique appreciation for the local language and culture.

We understand that travel is a common interest shared by all of our students, which is precisely why Enforex has schools in the most emblematic destinations throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Our immersion travel options are extremely diverse, ranging from tranquil beach towns to bustling capital cities, tropical paradises and traditional towns brimming with indigenous flavor.

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