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High School Immersion for Teenagers

The formative teenage years are an excellent time of youngsters' lives to broaden one's horizons and experience new and exciting things. For this very reason we encourage teens through our various immersion opportunities to spend time - be it a week or a year - with us in Spain studying the Spanish language and opening their minds to a new culture.

    Semester or Year Abroad in a Spanish High School

    This is the ultimate in immersion possibilties for high schoolers: actually living the day-to-day lifestyle of a Spanish teenager! Teens (ages 13+) can spend a semester or an academic year immersed in a Spanish high school and participating in classes and school activities alongside their Spanish classmates. Long-term immersion in a high school in Spain provides participating teens with an authentic linguistic and cultural environment in which they will gain a unique appreciation of the Spanish language, society and lifestyle.
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    Summer Language Camps for Teenagers

    Not all high school teenagers want to spend semester or year abroad, which is why we also have summer language camps dispersed throughout Spain. While some of the camps cater to children as young as five years old, the majority of our camps are geared towards teenagers. Camps with a wide age range do, however, divide groups by age, so your teen doesn't have to worry about playing board games with a 6 year old. If your teenager is 14 to 18 years old and is accustomed to a rather independent lifestyle, our special junior programs in Granada and Seville may be just the perfect fit.
    Students will take be immersed in Spanish lessons each day; the rest of the time is filled with cultural visits, excursions to points of interest, sports and more. Your teen will have constant interaction with Spanish-speakers, as 60% of our campers are Spaniards looking to learn English.
    Intensive Spanish Courses at our Schools in Spain

    Teenagers ages 14 through 17 can sign up for our Junior Intensive Spanish Courses, which offer the same proven methodology and course material as our regular Intensive programs. The key difference is that instead of living in apartments or residences our junior participants will stay with local host families. Not only do host families improve the Spanish immersion experience by leaps and bounds, but they also ensure that teens feel comfortable and included.

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