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Cultural Immersion

While several of our Intensive and Super Intensive Spanish courses include five weekly cultural lessons, many of our students express interest in delving even more into the culture that surrounds them. Cultural immersion is, after all, one of the key benefits of immersion programs abroad in lieu of immersion programs in your country.

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    Culture Topic Courses in Spain & Mexico

    Several of our schools in Spain, as well as our school in Guanajuato, Mexico, offer Spanish courses that cover important aspects of the Spanish and Mexican cultures. These courses, which have a two- or four-week duration (except in Guanajuato), consist of 20 lessons each week, half of which are general Spanish language lessons. The other half of the classes are dedicated to either history, literature or art history - your choice! This is an excellent option if you are looking to really bump up your cultural immersion experience. This means that over the course of four weeks you will have 40 language lessons and 40 lessons of your chosen topic. Total immersion is ideally the balance of language immersion and cultural immersion, and these programs provide just that!
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    Mexican or Spanish Cooking Classes

    One of the most interesting facets of any culture is its cuisine, which is both fun to try as well as a reflection of any given destination's history, location and influences. That's precisely why our school in Guanajuato, Mexico offers students a cooking class to take in addition to an Intensive Spanish Course. Altogether you'll have 20 Spanish lessons + 5 culture lessons + 2 cooking lessons each week, giving you a wealth of linguistic, cultural and culinary skills. You will have an in-depth understanding of the Spanish language and Mexican culture, not to mention more than enough material to impress the folks back home with!

    If Mexican food is not your thing, then our schools in Barcelona, Madrid and Salamanca give you the option to learn how to make tasty Spanish tapas and other typical Spanish dishes. Along with 20 Spanish lessons per week, you'll also be learning the delights of Spanish cooking for a further 10 so you'll be able to keep a taste of Spain with you!

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    Music and Dance Lessons

    Music and dance are a vital and expressive part of any culture - often the result of cultural mixing - and tend to be present in both day-to-day life and special times of year. In our schools throughout both Spain and Latin America we offer you the unique possibility of learning about and participating in countries' most characteristic expressions of local culture. Just as your Spanish lessons will be with dedicated and experienced professors, your music and dance classes will be with professional teachers who are excellent and passionate in their field.
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    Christmas & New Years in Spain & Mexico

    Festivals are those special times of year when countries, cities, towns and their residents step things up in what are generally the ultimate expressions of a given place's culture. Festivals give its revelers a chance to bask in their culture through traditional dress, music, food, history and atmosphere. What better time, then, for a cultural immersion program than at Christmas? With Enforex you can use your Christmas vacation to experience several cities at the peak of their cultural calendar. After all, the winter holidays are celebrated in unique ways around the world; wouldn't it be interesting to see and experience a whole new set of traditions?

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