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You do not often get the opportunity to study in a city that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. That, however, is exactly what we offer at our school in Guatemala, a picture perfect place to study Spanish which has a lot of history for you to explore – and which also has a warm atmosphere to allow you to mingle with the local people and converse with them in Spanish whenever you feel confident enough to start doing so. Remember too that you can always rely on our schools to provide the facilities and amenities which you need in order to make your stay a comfortable one, with all of the access that you are used to in terms of the internet or extra study materials, and the chance to socialise with other students as well. These are all of the ingredients of a fantastic study trip, and our staff will help to make sure that you enjoy it as much as possible.

Colonial charm and urban modernity come together in our school, where you can study the Spanish language as well as discovering the culture of one of the most amazing places in the Americas. There is a lot to be seen and done here and you are absolutely going to love your time in this country, which is full of exciting and different elements which you can explore as you like. You can make friends with some of your classmates in order to go and explore the city from the base point of the school if you would like to, or just go out on your own to see what is out there – or even take part in excursions which are led by our staff, which will show you around the city and give you the chance to get settled in by pointing out all of the important features which you might need to know about. Plus, you can choose your own accommodation from a range of things that we offer, so that you can decide on what you would prefer and get as comfortable as possible right from the beginning of your stay.

Our Spanish school in Guatemala is set right in the center of the country's "old city," Antigua, which is both picturesque and fascinating. Nestled amid UNESCO protected buildings just meters away from the central square, this academic center cannot be beaten in charm, ambience and facilities. You will find everything that you could possibly need here to make your stay a successful one, both in terms of the enjoyment that you can find and the level of learning that you will be able to achieve by the time that you leave and return home at the end of your course. There is so much charm in Guatemala that you may find that you cannot stay away for long – and with all of your new friends waiting for you to return, the pull may be too strong to resist!

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