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Spanish Courses in Guatemala

The Enforex school in Guatemala offers various Spanish learning programs for students to choose from if this is their destination of choice: Intensive, super intensive, individual classes, volunteer programs, and even one in which you can learn the art of salsa dancing are waiting for your perusal! You will certainly be able to find the kind of course that you are looking for at our school, which offers everything from the most academic of classes to those that teach fun activities alongside the Spanish language lessons.

Guatemala Courses

One of the most rewarding programs is certainly our volunteer option, which is available for anyone who would like to give some time to the local community which will have sheltered them for the duration of their course and which sees you staying on for four weeks in order to take part in activities which will not only benefit the local area but will also give you a great chance to practice your language skills. Private lessons are also a popular choice, as they mean that you can really get a great focus on your personal abilities and will learn very quickly indeed – but that does not mean that the same is not true of our intensive group courses, which are a tried and tested module that we run at every single one of our Spanish language school locations around the world.

Six different levels are offered with each one of our programs (2 for beginners, 2 intermediate and 2 advanced) in groups that never exceed 5 students, so that you can not only find something that really suits your current level of ability but you can also find real focus in your group with a tutor who has time to look at your personal needs and to help you overcome any part of the language that you are struggling with. With Enforex, not only do you get classes with flexible levels and guaranteed small class sizes, but you can also start your course on any Monday of the year – so it is all set up to suit you!

Our partner Spanish school in Guatemala offers the following courses for any students to enrol in, so you can choose from any of them when you learn here. Click on the links below for more course information if you would like to learn about the possibilities which are on offer!

Intensive Group Course20 lessons per week
Private Spanish lessons (Standard) 20 lessons per week
Volunteer Program4 weeks

Course Characteristics in Guatemala

Please take note of the characteristics specific to our Spanish courses in Guatemala:

Starting Dates Every Monday of the year.
Lesson Duration 55 minutes
Course LengthMinimum 1 week
Students per class Maximum of 8
Spanish levels 6 levels: 2 beginner, 2 intermediate, 2 advanced
Minimum student age 17 years old

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