Puerto Vallarta Travel Information
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Getting to Puerto Vallarta

By plane
The Gustav Díaz Ordaz International Airport is fairly close to the Marina Vallarta, in the northern part of town, and about 10 kilometers from the center of the city. To get into town from the airport, the most common option - especially if you, like most, are traveling with a bit of luggage - is to hop into an airport taxi. Another option to consider if you're traveling light or really want to save a few bucks is to use Puerto Vallarta's local bus system; look for signs saying "Olas Altas" or "Centro".

By bus
Puerto Vallarta's main bus terminal, the Central Camionera de Puerto Vallarta, is located roughly 10 kilometers north of the city center. Here you can catch buses with destinations throughout Mexico. The main companies include Estrella Blanca (and related companies TNS and Elite), Primera Plus, ETN and Transportes del Pacifico.

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