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Spanish Levels with Enforex

Enforex organizes our courses into 6 different levels of Spanish. This structure follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, as well as the guidelines of Instituto Cervantes. Additionally, Enforex's levels are compatible with the U.S. university system, so that you may receive credits from your home school.

Basic – A1

Absolute beginners and students who have no previous knowledge of Spanish start at this level. In this level, you will become familiar with the language, learning to understand and speak basic phrases.

Elementary – A2

In this level, you will improve your comprehension and use of simple phrases and structures. You will also get a better knowledge of Spanish grammar.

Intermediate – B1

At a B1 level, you will start to communicate and express yourself in Spanish. Your oral and written expression and comprehension will improve greatly.

Advanced – B2

At a B2 level, communication will be more fluid and with increasingly more resources. You will be able to discuss and express yourself in Spanish, as well as increase your vocabulary repertoire, knowledge of grammar rules and comprehension abilities.

Proficiency – C1

When you reach a C1 level, you will have control over the language and a good ability to communicate and understand the majority of written text with ease. You will be working on refining your oral and written expression.

Mastery – C2

At this level, you will be able to communicate almost as effectively as native Spanish speakers.

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