Describing People in Spanish
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Whether you want to learn new vocabulary on your first read or come back to refresh your memory on what you have seen before, you can feel free to browse the pages that are linked below for a full review of Spanish vocabulary and phrases which will come in useful when you want to describe people, both physically and emotionally, whether you are talking about others or about yourself. There are a lot of ways in which you can describe someone in order to give a complete impression of them, so it is important that you have all of the language skills necessary at your disposal in order to really talk about someone and give the information that you want or need to. You may need to talk about how they look or about what they are like as a person, and when discussing yourself you may even want to talk about how you feel, so having this vocabulary on hand is something that can really help you out in a variety of situations.

Language is what allows us to interact with other people and communicate in many ways; it is hardly surprising, therefore, that all languages in the world have many terms for describing the appearance and emotions of people in a complete way. Spanish is no exception and, for this reason, we have provided here various sections of pages dedicated to this type of vocabulary for you to take a look at and try to learn if you think that they might be useful to you while you are talking to native speakers. There are a lot of instances in which you might need to describe someone: if someone asks about your family or the people that you know back home, then you can tell them exactly what they are like and what you like about them. If you are discussing a film that you have just watched as an extra part of your learning then you can discuss a particular character that you saw on the screen; if you want to look for someone, perhaps a classmate that you have gone out at night with and have been split up from, then you might want to describe them to see if anyone has seen them. You might even need to describe body parts and feelings to a doctor while you are here in case something happens which means that you require medical assistance.

Firstly, you will find a page which is dedicated to the description of the human body and its different parts, which may come in handy for descriptions and medical situations. The second list is devoted to the characteristics of people which will help you talk about them with others, the third to clothing which will certainly come in handy when shopping or when looking for someone in particular, and the fourth to emotions so that you can discuss how you feel. This is a complete guide to describing people in all of the ways that are possible!

Spanish Vocabulary - People

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