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Spanish and Cooking Courses

As you know, we truly believe that in order to learn a language it is necessary to immerse yourself in its culture. And what better way to do it than by learning the secrets of the culture’s cooking?

In our culture, gastronomy is much more than simply cooking and eating what we’ve cooked up; it’s about getting together with friends and family, awakening our senses and it’s also about learning! The whole family conveys culture and values at the table.

Because of that, we want you to be able to learn our language while learning the secrets of our best recipes with a course that combines Spanish lessons and cooking. Don’t you think classes about verbs and vocabulary will stick to your bones better when they’re taken in along with a plate of paella?

These courses are available at our destinations in Barcelona, Salamanca and Malaga. That means you can learn about Mediterranean cooking, Spanish cooking, and Andalusian cooking, because a hornazo is not the same as an arroz a banda or a pipirrana. Each type of cooking has its own vocabulary, culture and philosophy.

Is your mouth watering too? If you want to not only learn our language, but to get a real taste for it too, this course is for you. ¡Que aproveche!

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