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Whether you are in Spain browsing the kiosks' newspaper offerings or simply interested in Spanish news from abroad, it os easy to keep yourself up to date on Spain's current events. Overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of newspapers on display? Spain is certainly not lacking in terms of newspapers- that is why we are providing you with an abbreviated list of the most popular and relevant titles to help you in your Spanish news search! These are the papers that you should read if you want to keep up with events in Spain as well as being able to practice your language skills by translating the news for yourself after you have taken one of our Spanish courses. Reading written Spanish can be quite different to speaking it because of things like punctuation, accents, and the difference in spelling between different tenses, so it is important that you do practice this skill to avoid getting confused if you have to read something in a newspaper style later on.

There are many periodicals read on a national level that focus on news stories from around the country, so these are the ones that are likely to be ideal for you. There are others that are read on a regional level that feature news related to their community, and then there are those that cover stories specific to certain neighbourhoods, just as you would find in any country in the world. If you are thinking about moving to a certain part of Spain or you have business interests there, then these will also help you to keep an eye on local events and allow you to understand more about the cultures and traditions which are important to each area of Spain.

It is also important to be aware of the political leanings of each publication when choosing one to read, although we recommend exposing yourself to a wide variety of different political views to get a better idea of opinion trends in Spain and to get an overall view of the country’s social issues. You can learn a lot just by taking a quick peek at a few different newspapers! There are of course papers which tend to support the views of all of the political parties out there, though some of them are more well regarded than others, and it is perhaps best to steer clear of those which have a very strong slant as they may not represent the news in a way which is quite fair. Do not forget that many of these newspapers will have an online presence where you might be able to read some of their articles for free, or where you might be able to sign up for a subscription to have the paper delivered to you even when you are not in Spain. There may well be Spanish magazines which interest you as well, depending on your particular interests or hobbies.

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