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When you study at our Enforex Spanish schools in the Dominican Republic you can choose from three types of courses: intensive, super intensive or private. All of them are given in reduced class sizes so that the course is practically customized to your needs, and you can choose different options to go along with them such as what kind of accommodation you stay in and how much of your food is provided for you. The courses are divided into four levels: beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced, so that there is something to suit any level of learner. You can start right from the beginning with us, or you can build on a foundation which is already there in order to get a more advanced level of proficiency, no matter how far you have already gone with your Spanish studies. We are sensitive to the needs of all of our students, and aim to provide courses which will suit you no matter what you need!

If you are a beginner then you can start on one day of each month to join a class of other beginners so that you are all starting from the same point and getting some real improvement within even a short space of tim. For higher levels you can start on any Monday of the year that may suit you, as we are very flexible and we know that our students may have other commitments which would limit them if we had set starting dates for our courses. It does not matter what season it is, we are always here to help you learn and improve your Spanish skills, and we can guide you through the lessons with the same level of skill and expertise no matter when you start. Count on us to allow you to learn Spanish while having fun in our classes, which are set up to be lively and active so that you enjoy yourself every step of the way!

The various Enforex partner Spanish schools in the Dominican Republic offer the following courses for you to try out, depending on which location you choose to go for. Click on the links if you would like to see more course information and get the necessary details to really decide which of them is going to be the best option for you!

Intensive Group Course20 lessons per week
Private Spanish lessons20 lessons per week

Course Characteristics in the Dominican Republic

Please take note of the characteristics specific to our Spanish courses in the Dominican Republic:

Starting DatesEvery Monday of the year for all levels
Lesson Duration 45 minutes
Course LengthMinimum 1 week
Students per classMaximum of 7, minimum of 2
Spanish levels4 levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced
Minimum student age16 years old

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