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Spanish Courses in Bolivia

There are many different courses in Bolivia which you can choose from in order to come and learn Spanish with us; from intensive programs to private ones to courses with extracurricular activities or volunteer work included in the syllabus, there is a huge range here which will suit a lot of different types of students, so make sure that you take a look at all of them to see which interests you the most. In addition you can join the program you are interested in whenever you would like, as there are no starting term dates and our courses run year round with new classes beginning each Monday. This means that you can fit the classes into your schedule, rather than having to do things the other way around! Even if you are still currently studying at home, you can find the chance to learn with us in a break from school or university over the summer.

With highly qualified professors, small groups of students in each class, and nine different Spanish levels, the Enforex school in Bolivia is a magnificent place where you can not only learn Spanish quickly, but you will also be able to discover a South America full of life, color and authenticity. There is so much more to these courses than just the lessons, as the school will allow you to take part in extra activities and excursions if you would like to book your place on them – and you can also count on being able to enjoy friendly faces amongst the staff and your fellow students, along with meeting new native speakers in the local area whenever you go out to explore. Each student’s needs will be looked at and focused on by the professors who have the experience and knowhow necessary to ensure that everyone learns at the same rate, and that your weaknesses are built on so that you have accomplished a high level of learning by the time that your course ends.

Our partner Spanish school in Bolivia offers the following courses for you to choose from. Click on the links for each program below in order to find out more course information to help you decide which of them will give you the best experience!

Intensive Group Course20 lessons per week
Private Spanish lessons20 lessons per week
Volunteer Program4 weeks volunteering after a 4-week Spanish program

Course Characteristics in Bolivia

Please take note of the characteristics specific to our Spanish courses in Bolivia, which may be different to other courses that you have been looking at in our other locations:

Starting Dates Every Monday
Lesson Duration 60 minutes
Course LengthMinimum 1 week
Students per class Maximum of 5
Spanish levels 9 levels: low beginner, medium beginner, high beginner, low intermediate, medium intermediate, high intermediate, advanced, high advanced and superior.
Minimum student age 16 years old

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